11 thoughts on “A “MUST SEE!” for your leaders in 2017, says Vistage International

  1. Jimmy I can’t wait to get your book. You truly are a great leader.

  2. I received your book via Amazon today. It was a pleasure serving with you all and Task Force Palehorse. I cannot wait to read through the entire thing as I had just browsed a few pages earlier today and saw names of men I know. I maintained the OH-58D tail number 010, which caught quite a bit of rounds during the siege of Bari Alai. Thank you for writing this book sir!
    Death Rides,
    Eric S.

  3. This is a really fine work! You were able to describe with clarity what your unit and those you supported were up against and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride!

  4. Thank you for the book my daughter gave me for Fathers Day. We need leaders like you to lead our military as we work to keep the freedoms that some others gave their all so we could have what we have today. Once I started reading, PALE HORSE, I could not quit. The men, the women and young people in our nation need to know what our military have to go thru when we are in a conflict. Courtney, USMC 57-60.

  5. Masterful suspense from many viewpoints. A memorable book of open, honest communication. Thank you Jimmy…for changing many lives!

  6. Having served under your leadership during my time with 7/17 as an ammunition specialist, it’s been amazing to be able to relive our deployment through the eyes of not only our commander but of one the pilots we served daily. As FARP personnel, we only never got the backstories on the missions flown or the hellfire missiles we loaded that never came back. Reading this book has opened my eyes and has made me even more proud to have served my country during such a critical time. It has reminded me that every single person out there has an important part in this war. Congratulations on the book sir, it was an honor having served under you. Please let me know if you ever come to speak at the War College, it would be great to get my copy signed!

  7. IF you are still active in the military, with your knowledge of our present world war situation, and if TRUMPT becomes our next president I SINCERLY HOPE YHAT YOU WILL BE A PARTOF HIS TEAM TO BRING ORDER TO A REALLY (F…) up …………………….PAUL

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