On this day (July 17, 2009) – Watapur Valley

Six years ago today Private Joshua Dow and Private First Class Eli Casas lay wounded in the Watapur Valley, Kunar Province, Afghanistan. Staff Sergeant Jonathan Wedemeyer suffered from a fractured ankle. Their platoon sergeant, Sergeant First Class Henrique Ventura, call for help and Pale Horse answered that call.

Spraktes on the cable (hoist)

Spraktes on the cable (hoist)

Ventura and his men were surrounded by enemy forces and pinned down. They could not move. While Kiowas and Apaches went to work on the enemy, flight medic, Staff Sergeant Emmett Spraktes, prepared to hoist down into the middle of a full on firefight to do what he could to help the wounded. He did render aide, and much more.

By sundown, Emmett Spraktes had conducted multiple hoists under fire. Dow and Casas both recovered from their gunshot wounds and Wedemeyer healed as well. As for Spraktes, he was awarded the Silver Star for heroism in battle. Find their story in PALE HORSE – Hunting Terrorists and Commanding Heroes with the 101st Airborne Division. Preorder your copy today.

The Watapur Valley

The Watapur Valley

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