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Three Stories all Leaders Must Have by Jimmy Blackmon

In this audio download, Jimjimmy-addressing-soldiersmy not only explains the three stories every leader should have, but he also shares his stories with you. The who I am story, the vision story, and the trust story are powerful ways to connect with, inspire, and build trust in your organization.

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The Power of Storytelling for Leaders by Jimmy Blackmon

Great leaders understand theshutterstock_520309153 power of a good story. Storytelling inspires, motivates, and enables us to connect in meaningful ways. Whether it’s sharing new ideas, presenting change in the workplace, or building trust, storytelling is a skill that all leaders and managers should master. In this audio download, Jimmy shares his secret to creating and delivering powerful stories.
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The Three Principles of Time Management by Jimmy Blackmon

shutterstock_126123155.jpgLeaders and managers are busier than ever. In a continuously connected world we have more to do than ever before. Every leader is busy, but not all leaders are equally efficient.
In this audio download, Jimmy will explain three principles that will enable you to take control in order to get the most out of your time.
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