Military Program

½ Day Seminar (3.5 hours)

This program centers on the idea that all units have a unique culture. Effective leaders understand the power of shaping organizational culture in order to manifest their vision.

The be successful in the 21st Century operational environment organizations must embody trust, empowerment, speed, innovation, initiative, agility, and speed. Only when units possess these traits can leaders enjoy the full potential of mission command – disciplined initiative based on commander’s intent.

The modern-day operational environment demands adaptive and thoughtful leaders who understand how to get the most out of themselves and their people. This course focuses on the timeless principles of leading people in complex and difficult situations through both command and control and mission command.

Leadership is a critical element for every organization; however, leaders are often grown into roles with little development or refinement. As a leader’s sphere of influence expands, many of them find themselves unable to refine and adapt their skills to their growing responsibility and ever-changing environment. This experience, coupled with highly effective and efficient techniques, provide students an opportunity to learn about themselves—specifically their strengths and weaknesses—providing them a solid foundation for achieving their leadership goals and the goals of their organization.


  • Casting & Manifesting an Organizational Vision
  • Shaping Organizational Culture
  • Establishing a Positive Climate
  • Effectively Messaging Vision & Intent
  • How to Shape Innovative, Problem-Solving Leaders
  • Leader Development Program
  • Effective Counseling

Through colorful stories and examples, Jimmy will entertain and educate your leaders in this powerful 3.5-hour session.