Topics & Programs

Core Competencies / Offerings:

  • Keynote addresses at Conferences, Conventions, and Summits
  • Custom-designed / Facilitation of Leadership and Motivational programs
  • Custom-designed facilitation of ½ Day and Full-Day Leadership Deep Dives
  • Facilitation of seminars focused on shaping organizational culture
  • Virtual Leader Development Course
  • Facilitation of 60-minute Virtual Conferences
    • Leadership 101 – Management vs. Leadership / Behaviors/ Traits / Presence
    • Shaping Organizational Culture
  • One-on-One Executive Coaching
  • Facilitation of company Vision – Mission – Core Values – Motto development

“Vision, Culture, Climate, and the Leadership that Binds Them” 

In the summer of 2008, Jimmy traveled to Afghanistan to visit the Army aviation unit that he his unit would be replacing six months later. While there the Battle of Wanta took place. Of the forty-eight American soldiers at Wanat, twenty-seven were wounded and nine were tragically killed. A Medal of Honor was earned. As a leader observing the battle, Jimmy felt the weight of responsibility like never before. Despite having served two years in Iraq, he had not seen attacks of that complexity. He kept asking himself over and over, “Are my soldiers prepared for this? Have I done everything possible to train them well enough?”

Over the next few days, Jimmy realized that what he must do was shape the culture within his organization. He did not have all the answers. He was the leader and responsible for his unit, but he realized that he was surrounded by incredibly talented men and women. In a naturally hierarchal Army culture, Jimmy went about creating an environment where all ideas were welcomed regardless of the rank or experience of the person suggesting them. Jimmy set about empowering his people and trusting them. The results were remarkable. Jimmy’s air cavalry task force swept almost every Army award that year, but not because Jimmy Blackmon did anything extraordinary. He simply shaped an environment in which his soldiers could maximize their own personal potential. Jimmy realized that no matter how technologically advanced we become, life is and always will be about people and relationships.

Through the colorful, engaging storytelling ability that Jimmy is known for, he shares practical, pragmatic methods for casting an organizational vision, shaping culture, and setting a climate that is conducive to success. Vision alone isn’t enough. Jimmy explains how leaders must employ a systematic approach to gain the trust and buy-in of their employees in order to reach their goals and fulfill their mission.

Clients will leave this presentation with a clear understand of the importance of an empowering culture and positive work climate…

* Options available – Keynote 

“Leadership for the 21st Century”

Have you always wanted to invest and train your leaders, but you simply have not found the time to develop a program?  The full-day option of Leadership for the 21st Century is perfect for you.

Jimmy Blackmon has led soldiers for over 30 years, culminating as a Brigade Commander in the famed 101st Airborne Division, where he led over 3,500 of America’s sons and daughters in Afghanistan. Jimmy is oft quoted as saying, “No matter how technologically advanced we become, life is and always will be about people and relationships. In this presentation, Jimmy shows the power of inspiration that only comes when leaders genuinely connect with those they lead.

Management is about systems and processes. Leadership is about inspiring human beings. Both are vitally important to the success of any organization. Through practical examination, Jimmy demonstrates the necessity of both.

In his formative years, Jimmy was told that leadership is lonely business, but he never bought into that idea. “If you’re lonely you’re not leading,” he says. “You’re mountain climbing.” A leader that does not connect with those they lead will be followed half-heartedly because of position and title. An inspiring leader that develops genuine relationships with those they lead will be followed because they inspire human accomplishment. Are your employees compliant or committed?  Jimmy will show you how to achieve commitment.

Primary focus areas in this program are:

Trust                                                Empowerment           

Communication                           Time Management

Delegation                                      Prioritization                      

Leader Development                  Vision

*Options available – Keynote, ½ Day, Full Day


Leveraging Holistic Strategic Planning 

In these popular ½-day or full-day programs, Jimmy shares the importance of holistic strategic planning and the leadership behaviors necessary to truly leverage the plan. Through colorful real-life examples, Jimmy not only demonstrates the power of the founding story, vision, mission and values, but he explains how to use those documents to create a meaningful strategy, define goals and objectives, and most importantly, how to assess, evaluate, and adjust quarterly in order to achieve success.  Jimmy will ensure that your leadership teams leave with a thorough understanding of the mechanics of strategic planning at the organizational level.

The second portion of this program focuses on leader behaviors, prioritization, and living a balanced life.

Companies with published strategies can choose to have Jimmy integrate their existing vision, mission, and values into the presentation in order to take an objective look at the quality of the documents. Organizations without these statements may choose to have Jimmy help facilitate writing them, and consult on strategic planning.

Primary focus areas in this program are:

Vision                                      Mission

Values                                     Innovation                 

Communication                   Delegation                          

Prioritization                       Leader Development         

*Options available – ½ Day, Full Day